Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Makes a Great Gift for that Nutley Lore Lover

"... The packaging is professional. The cover design is attractive, though I wish there was more information as to the book’s content, as this book would have appeal for stores, museums, and the like in Nutley as well as throughout New Jersey, I would like to see some copy on the back cover that shows potential buyers what’s inside and why they would enjoy this book.
This would make a great gift book.
 You have compiled a diverse collection of mini-biographies here; it certainly is interesting to see how many famous and noteworthy people were born or lived in your town. You have clearly done a lot of research in putting this book together; I would prefer to see more usage of authoritative books, newspapers, etc., and less reliance on web sites like Wikipedia. 
Good job with grammar and proofreading, though I did catch occasional errors. The formatting and layout of the interior of the book is excellent. I appreciated the many photographs you included, though I wish a few of them could be reproduced a bit more clearly. 
You have a good web site to market this and your other work; you might want to hire a designer to give it more visual appeal." 
“Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.” 

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