Friday, February 20, 2015

Buccino Notables talk at Nutley Museum March 19

Nutley Historical Society
65 Church Street, Nutley NJ
7 PM Thursday, March 19

NUTLEY N.J. -- Local author Anthony Buccino will speak about his latest book, Nutley Notables: The men and women who made a memorable impact on our home town, Nutley, New Jersey, at the Nutley Historical Society meeting in March.

Buccino says Nutley Historical Society support was instrumental in bringing the Nutley Notables book to fruition.

The author has set aside for the Nutley Museum one volume for as many as possible of the Notables to sign and it will be archived in the museum's special collection.

Notables profiled in the book are invited to the talk and will be asked to autograph an archive copy for the museum. Anyone with copies of the book are also invited to collect Notables signatures, too.

More than one dozen Notables have already signed the copy and this special copy will be on hand at all Buccino's talks this year.

"The society was approached by a major publisher about the Legendary Locals of Nutley project and I volunteered to be the liaison between the group and the publisher," Buccino said.

"We compiled hundreds of photos from archives of the museum and the Nutley Public Library. The photos were scanned and submitted to the publisher who said the photo quality did not meet their standards," the author said.

"Well, by that time, I had put in a few months on the project and gathered research on so many fine people in town -- many I had never known but who had done amazing things -- that I decided to continue the project on  my own and publish it through Cherry Blossom Press," Buccino explained.

At the NHS meeting in March, Buccino will talk about the historical and current figures profiled in his new book and also solicit suggestions from attendees for notable Nutley profiles to include in volume two of the local history collection.

"This volume has about 200 Nutley notables profiled and I already have a list for volume two. That list is about six pages and I'm going to look up every name and see just how notable they are," Buccino said.

Have your copy signed and/or buy copies to have signed. PLUS We're inviting everyone profiled in the book to stop by and autograph their profile page.

We'll also have Buccino's books on hand copies for sale.

The event is free and open to the public. All members of the Nutley Historical Society are invited to attend.

Advance copies available on Amazon

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