Monday, December 29, 2014

Recognize these 21 Nutley notables?

Top row, from left: Brig. Gen. John R. Jannarone, Faith Shapiro Hochberg, Virginius Mattia, Jackie Paris, Anne Rotonda. (not in volume 1).
Second Row: Evan Megaro, Henrt Businges, Andrew Pecora, Geerat J. Vermeij, Ron Fraser*
Third Row: Msgr. Anthony DiLuca, Edward Lauber, John Walker, John Holland, George Sanford
Bottom Row: Msgr. James J. Owens, Peter Scarpelli, Bill Falduti, Eileen Poiani, Phil White.
Now, do you know why each one is notable?
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recognize these 21 Nutley notables?

Top row, from left: Martha Stewart, A.C, Welenofsky, Mario Pavone, Maryanda, John Lucy, Arnold Merritt, Lynn Viola
Middle Row: Vincent LoCurcio, Jack Kane, Barbara Hirsch, John Barbata, Robert Ellis Kur, Carol Blazewski, Steven Fastook
Bottom Row: Milton Prystowsky, Cathleen Benko, Carl Orechio, Dorothy Allison, Thomas P. Infusino, Joseph Cervasio, Donna Martin.
Now, do you know why each one is notable?
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Recognize these Nutley notables?

Top Row, from left: Laura Mason Tuers, Annie Oakley, Bus McGinnity, Henry Bunner, Harry Chenoweth, Ann Troy, Paul Radcliffe.
Center Row: Walter F. Reinheimer, Jane Grey Burgio, Frank Orechio, Anthony Iannarone, Pervis Robison, Tina Cervasio, Joanne Cocchiola.
Bottom Row: Ron Owens, Gary T. Erbe, Joseph 'The Chief' Scarpa, Jessica Denay, Chris Wragge, Mike Geltrude, William Nolze.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

OBSERVER: Meet Nutley 'Notables'

By Karen Zautyk 
Observer Correspondent 
NUTLEY – The prolific Anthony Buccino (15 books and counting) has just published his latest work: “Nutley Notables,” profiling more than 150 “Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Hometown.”
Included, of course, is Annie Oakley, whom everyone in Nutley knows once lived here. (Yes, outlanders, she did!)
Almost everyone in Nutley knows that this was the hometown of Martha Kostyra, now Martha Stewart.
But do you know about Frances Goodrich? Or Uncle Fred? Or Grumpy the Clown?
You can meet them, along with political leaders, military heroes, businessmen, scientists, athletes, artists, writers, et al., in the pages of “Nutley Notables.” And you may be surprised at the wide array of talents who called this tree-shaded town home. Or as Buccino describes Nutley: the kind of place “Norman Rockwell only dreamed of illustrating.”

Nutley Notables now available in print

Buccino Publishes 'Nutley Notables' profile collection

NUTLEY, NJ -- Nutley writer and author Anthony Buccino has published Nutley Notables, the Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Home Town, Nutley, New Jersey. 

Buccino published more than fifteen books including four essay collections, three military history books and seven full-length poetry collections.  He has been called ' “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor” or something to that effect.’ His poem  At The Vet has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

The township of Nutley, New Jersey, has accumulated a wealth of celebrated and eccentric people who over-shadowed the salt-of-the-earth folks who lived here, raised their families and built the town into the place that Norman Rockwell only dreamed of illustrating for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. This new book profile nearly 200 townsfolks, some you may know and many you will not forget.   

Our Nutley Notables include Old West sharpshooter Annie Oakley who has a street here named in her honor; home-diva Martha Stewart who grew up on Elm Place and often writes of growing up in Nutley but has no street named for her; Ruth Bedford who sponsors the annual tea for the Nutley Family Service Bureau, would likely frown upon the undue attention of Rue Bedford; and others who may have to wait a while for street naming honors.

Featured individuals run the gamut from politicians to high school coaches and athletes; from notorious personalities to beloved entertainers to the fellow in the local shop to the artists and writers who toiled long ago and today. Their images and stories document the unique contributions they've made that shaped Nutley today.

Even the most ardent Nutley historian will find new surprises in this collection. For more information, visit

The author thanks the Nutley Historical Society and the Nutley Free Public Library for allowing access to their vast archives and experts in compiling this first volume of Nutley Notables.

Buccino's blogs won 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Awards in Online - Enterprise/Series /Investigative Reporting and Media Affiliated Blog. Both posts were published on NJ.Com.  His stories of the 1960s and his transit blog on earned earlier SPJ Excellence In Journalism awards.